Lector Ministry

"Do not let this book of the law depart from your lips.  Recite it by day and by night, that you may carefully observe all that is written in it; then you will attain your goal; then you will succeed." Joshua 1:8

The Lector Ministry makes a truly satisfying and meaningful contribution to Eucharistic celebrations at St. Mary. A lector is expected to attend training sessions when offered, pre-read and prepare the reading(s), learn the proper pronunciation of unfamiliar words, and read at a pace that encourages thoughtful reflection of the Word and its meaning as it relates to our contemporary lives. St. Benedict says in his rule: "They should not presume to read who by mere chance take up the book . . . Only those are to discharge these duties who can do so to the edification of the hearers."

Resources for Lectors...

Sunday Readings

Biblical Pronunciations