Cemetery Rules


Cemetery rules and regulations are intended to provide for a sense of order and a consistent practice which will assure proper reflection on Church Teachings and Christian beliefs.  Recognizing that the purpose of rules and regulations sometimes are not completely understood by all persons, the Cemetery Association solicits its patrons' cooperation in order to achieve the Christian and Catholic atmosphere intended.

It was for the above specific reasons that the St. Mary Cemetery Board was established in 1948 under the authorization of Msgr. Raphael I. Kinnane.  St. Mary Cemetery in the future will be platted, graded and ornamented under the direction of the Cemetery Board.

The Superintendent of the cemetery, under the direction of the board, shall keep in order the boundaries and roads and maintain in good condition all burial sites, as well as new sections to be opened for burial.  The Superintendent, under the direction of the board, shall plant trees and shrubs wherever appropriate.


As additional burial space is required, new sections shall be surveyed and platted.  All such platting, grading, landscaping and seeding shall be done only under the order of the Cemetery Board.

The Cemetery Board reserves the right to enlarge, reduce, replace or otherwise change boundaries, roads or grades and the right to lay, maintain, remove, replace or alter pipelines or drains which constitute improvement for the general benefit of the cemetery.  It also reserves the right of ingress or egress over each lot to facilitate passage from other lots.


One principle definitely established in cemetery law is that the purchaser of a cemetery burial site does not have title to the land, but ONLY the right to inter the deceased thereon.  The fee simple title remains in the person, corporation or other entity owning the cemetery premises.  Ordinarily, lot owners are issued easements which, in legal form, resemble deeds to real estate.  This does not enlarge the extent of the prerogative, and the Cemetery Board, discipline of the Catholic Church, the Laws of the State of Ohio, and the Diocese of Toledo regarding burial and funerals shall prevail.

The price and location of lots can be obtained at the rectory. Sale of the grave/s is to be paid at the time of purchase unless a payment arraignment is set up.  After all requirement have been fulfilled, the purchaser will be given an easement and burial privileges.

A lot easement owner is not permitted to convey, devise, transfer, or grant any burial privileges to any person other than the spouse or his/her own blood relatives subject to the foregoing rules.  In very special cases, permission can be granted by the Cemetery Board or Pastor.

Within sixty (60) days after the death of a lot owner of record, the Cemetery Board shall be advised in writing of the name or names of the next of kin or co-owners who shall have control of the lot, and no co-owner shall bury, or cause to be buried on a common lot, any person without the written consent  of the other co-owner/s. The Cemetery Board shall recognize the person designated to have control as the one qualified to make decisions concerning the lot, including burials, erection of monuments and markers, care of grounds and shrubbery and the payment thereof.


Under the terms of the easement bestowing the right of burial in the cemetery, the following are extended these privileges:

  • The purchaser of an easement becomes eligible for burial.
  • The spouse of the purchaser.
  • Blood relatives of a purchaser, including adopted children and blood descendants thereof.
  • The spouse of a lineal descendant or adopted child of the purchaser.
  • Non-Catholics may purchase a burial space in our cemetery.
  • Extraordinary cases when permission can be granted by the Pastor and/or Cemetery Board.


All interments are subject to rules set forth in the St. Mary Cemetery Rules and Regulations Book.

  • No interments will be permitted unless the casket is placed in a top sealed steel, masonry or concrete vault or box.
  • No wood rough boxes will be permitted in St. Mary's Cemetery, unless buried in a vault.


  • Two urns permitted on a single gravesite.
  • One urn over one body burial permitted on single gravesite if depth of vault permits.


The meaning of "maintenance" involves only the cutting of grass and cleaning of lots, clipping around monuments/markers and trimming only the shrubs, evergreens and trees that have been planted under the general cemetery program.  The term "maintenance" must not be interpreted as involving the maintenance, repair or replacement of monuments/markers, replacing or trimming shrubbery planted by lot owners, repair or replacement of any stone, bronze, concrete or masonry damaged through vandalism, an act of God, strikes, riots, explosions or by unavoidable accidents or otherwise.


Monument retail sales companies are required to submit request for installation of monuments on an acceptable regulation form which supplies all details as to sizes and inscriptions.  All applications must be approved before work begins.  Monuments/markers made of bronze, approved granites and marble that will withstand our weather conditions will be the only materials permitted.

One hundred and eighty (180) days will be required following a burial before the installation of a monument "footer" so as to assure a more favorable ground condition for permanent level setting.  If the Sexton determines conditions are acceptable, he may install before the 180 day limit.

The following specifications have been approved by the Cemetery Board for monuments or markers as of September 1999.

  • 16" long X 10" wide (maximum) for infants and children 2 years and under
  • Single grave-base 32" L X 14" W (maximum)
  • Double grave-base 48" L X 14" W (maximum)
  • Triple grave-base 54" L X 14" W (maximum)
  • Bronze-base 26" L X 14" W Memorial for Military Service Personnel.  These can be flush with the ground, mounted on a base, or placed on the back of the monument.

Maximum height of monument/marker (including base and tablet) must not exceed 32 inches.

The foundation for the base of the monument of marker must be at least 36" deep and flush with the existing ground level.  Alll markers must be set on permanent foundations.  No concrete base shall be poured between October 10 and April 15 unless approved by the Cemetery Sexton.  This insures the best quality of work, free from frost.  No foundation orders to be put in for May 30 will be accepted after May 1.  No foundation order to be put in for November 1 shall be accepted after October 1, unless approved by the Sexton.

It shall be the duty of the Sexton to take care of the cemetery, enforce the rules and regulations, and see to the opening and closing of graves authorized by St. Mary Church.  The Sexton is empowered to prevent the erection of monuments or makers or other construction at a time when damage could be done to drives and sod because of wet ground conditions.

While an interment or funeral is being conducted, work must cease upon the request of the Sexton.  Any person engaged in the erection of monuments or markers who damage other monuments or markers, trees, shrubs, drives or sod shall be accountable to the St. Mary Parish Cemetery Board for such damage.

Should any monument or marker become unsightly, dilapidated, or a menace to cemetery employees or visitors, the Cemetery Board shall notify the owner or heirs of said lot.  If no action results, the Cemetery Board will notify the Sexton to proceed to make necessary corrections and charge same to easement owner or owners of the lot involved.  No monument or marker can be removed from the cemetery unless a written request is presented to the Church or Cemetery Board.  No monument or maker shall be erected on any grave until the purchase price has been paid in full.  Memorial dealers must abide by all rules and regulations hereto set forth.  Any dealer who violates these rules and regulations shall be removed from the list of approved dealers.

While the cemetery employees will at all times exercise all possible care to protect monuments and markers and the lettering thereon while fulfilling their duties, no liability, for damage or injury thereto is assumed the Cemetery Board.


Fresh cut flowers are permitted in an approved vase (NO GLASS) anytime, but to be removed when they become withered and unsightly.  Shepherd hooks with a plant are acceptable. Quality, not quantity, makes beauty.  Please arrange a family schedule so that a grave will not be decorated to excess.

Flower beds are permitted in front of the monument and are not to exceed the width of the monument, nor, are they to extend more than 12" from the front of the monument.  If there is no monument, then place the bed where the monument would ordinarily be located.

One flower pot, not to exceed 8 inches in diameter, is permitted.  Unsightly pots or pots that are too large will be removed at our discretion.

Outlining of graves or monuments with a metal frame or stone is not permitted.

Any decorations that become wind blown and dislodged will be discarded.

Planting of shrubs, bushes or trees is not permitted in the burial areas of the cemetery.  Trimming of all such growth now located in the cemetery is the responsibility of the respective owners.  The Cemetery Board reserves the right to remove shrubs, bushes and decorations that become unsightly at our discretion.

Placing of vigil lights on graves is discouraged due to lack of attention given to them and because they are subject to vandalism.


St. Mary Parish reserves two sections of our cemetery for the repose of the souls of priests.  The oldest section is located in front of the large cross to the rear of the original cemetery.  Light of Faith Boulevard, adorned with a statue of Our Lady of Grace at the main entrance of the new cemetery is also a designated resting place for Priests.

To maintain uniformity, certain conditions will be observed:

  • Parish will provide the plot plus opening and closing of the grave.
  • Priest or his family is to provide vault, marker and foundation for the marker.
  • Marker is to be installed without a base on the foundation.
  • Markers will be 24" long x 16" high by 10" thick with a tapered face.
  • Color of marker is to be Canadian Pink.


Loitering, consuming refreshments and littering are all expressly PROHIBITED.

Riding bicycles, motorcycles or driving motor vehicles on cemetery property for pleasure or training are all expressly PROHIBITED.

The cemetery is closed after sunset.

St. Mary's Parish Cemetery Board consists of the Pastor, members of the Parish and the Secretary/Treasurer.