Funeral Luncheon

Here at St. Mary Parish we are very fortunate to have a Funeral Luncheon Committee.  When a member passes away and the funeral is at St. Mary, our luncheon committee will offer to the family a room to use for gathering after the burial. 

If the family brings the food, the committee will provide food servers, arrange tables and chairs and clean up.

If the family has the food catered, the committee will provide 2 or 3 volunteers to arrange tables and chairs and clean up as well as assist when needed.

The committee will also provide desserts, paper table service, coffee, tea or lemonade, creamer and sugar, condiments and chips. A list will be made of dishes brought in from family and friends. The committee will package leftovers for the family to take home or donate to the Sharing Kitchen.   

* No alcoholic beverages are permitted.